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Complete the form below to register as a buyer. To register as a Seller is Free Do you want to sell your car but you find that your trade inn value is less than your settlement?

Are you currently the owner off a vehicle and are experiencing difficulty in maintaining your vehicles payments and/or is in arrears or maybe the bank has repossessed your vehicle and you want to prevent them from selling it and keep you liable for the short fall ? Do you have a 2nd or 3rd vehicle that is a burden to you?

Would you like to start you own business and earn an extra income? Then Country Wide Car Rental can help you to solve your problem


Country Wide Car Rental will rent your vehicle from you for your full monthly payment,if their is arrears and they are manageable(maybe 2/3 payments in arrears) we will pay them and get your car back from the bank,we will pay the rental of the vehicle for the full outstanding period of the contract on condition that at the end of your contract we will buy the vehicle from you for R10.

We are not breaking any laws here, as you stay the owner of the vehicle, it is not against the law to rent out your vehicle(same as renting out your house), and to ease your your mind you will know 24/7 and 365 where your vehicle is through our Matrix 3000 tracker system on which you will have access to see where your vehicle is, if so required by you.

We also have insurance on all our vehicles as well as a service plan through S.A Warranties

Once we have received your information we will forward you to the rental agreement and arrange for delivery of your vehicle once the agreement is signed.


We will need the following documents from you:
  • All Fica requirements
  • Copy of your HP/Lease or finance agreement
  • Latest statement of your account (not more than 14 days old)
  • Copy of registration document to prove that vehicle belongs to you.
  • Copy of your current licence disk or proof of payment of licence for this year.
  • Copies of any correspondence between you and your bank regarding any arrangements that was made on arrear payments.
  • Please Fax Documents to: 086 756 3446

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