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Complete the form below to register as a buyer. To register as a buyer will cost R500 (registration fee). The reason we charge R500 registration fee is to cover the admin cost for us to work through your application and approve you as a buyer.

Once you registered as a buyer and your application is approved you need to pay a Finders Fee of R5000, this is our fee that we charge you to find you a vehicle, as their is not enough stock to supply everybody, we prefer to work with buyers who has paid their registration and finders fee up front and has shown their commitment to take delivery of their vehicles when we find them a vehicle.

In the past we had the situation that people wanted vehicles and once we found the vehicle they didn't come back with the necessary payments or had made alternative arrangements without notifying us,through their actions we then lost a couple of deals,so we had a change of policy that we only work with people who has made the the commitment to take the vehicle once we sourced it for them.

From our side we are also committed to spend time money and all our resources to find vehicle's for our clients. We can supply proof of how and what we spend to source vehicles for our customers. Please note:We do not promise that if you pay today you will drive away with a vehicle,if this is what you want we cannot help you.

We ask our customers to be patient while we find them their vehicles,for most of them we are there last hope as nobody else want to help them,some of them have been waiting for a long time for a vehicle and a few extra days or week or two won't make a difference, as they are prepared to wait a bit, as long as they can have a car.


  • All Fica requirement's ( copy of ID proof of home address)
  • Copy of 3 latest payslips.
  • Copy of 3 months bank statements.
  • Copy of drivers license.
  • Deposit slip for R500 registration fee.

  • Please Fax Documentation to : 086 587 5708


  • Acc. Name: Shock Proof Investments
  • Bank FNB
  • Branch RTB Square
  • Branch Code 202009
  • Acc Number:62095083227
  • Reference: your initials and surname
  • Agent Code: 2033
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