Why the Franchise/Agency option?

Franchising is not a buzzword dreamed up by some modern day whizz kid. It is possibly one of the most successful business systems used in the international market and its popularity in South Africa is on the increase.

The Franchising / Agency concept originally became known through the fast food market but now covers over 80 industry and service categories ranging from education to diaper manufacture.

Well founded South African franchises and agencies are entertainment, vending postal services, catering advertising and computer training to name but a few.

It is a well documented fact that approximately 70 % of all new businesses fail within the first five years. For franchises and Agencies the figure is under 10%. It is therefore obvious that franchising and agencies are the success story of the future.

Why a Country Wide Group Agency?

A CWGA agency enables you as an owner to obtain and manages a successful business capable of yielding a large monthly profit within a reasonably short period of time depending on the dedication received from the agency owner.

CWGA will not limit itself to the borders of one region thereby giving the t agencies unlimited growth opportunities.

CWGA offers a complete package to the agency and all agencies operate within the parameters of the same system.

A CWGA agency will concentrate on finding people in need of a personal loan, vehicle or bond

A CWGA agency doesn't have to have any experience; Head office will provide all assistance needed to the agency.

CWGA office has the capacity and infrastructure and is adequately qualified with highly motivated personnel who will provide an excellent service to our agency holders.

Have you dreamed of being your own boss, being financially independent and are you convinced that given the right opportunity that not only suits your needs but also your pocket, that you can be successful? Then you are already on your way to success by acquiring a CWGA agency.

Are you:

  • Well Organised
  • Motivated
  • People Orientated

  • Do you:

  • Strive to succeed
  • Possess management and / or marketing skills


    Then you can be a successful owner of a CWGA Agency.

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